Priced per pair

MSRP Honda Grom......... $134.95

MSRP Kawasaki Z125 ......$138.95

Add $12.00 For colors other than black

Our all new chain adjusters don't just look cool, they are designed to be easy to adjust and to stay in the swing arm. Thats right, they wont fall out like the OEM version. Eliminate the frustration of tightening your chain or swapping wheels with the OTB Chain Adjusters. These are machined from solid blocks of billet aluminum and include a built in stop for easy install and precise alignment. The inside is designed with a tapered angle to make it easy to remove and replace your tire. All chain adjusters are two tone anodized as shown. 

Are they worth it ? YES, But don't take our word for it, watch the Grom Garage Video where they compare OEM and OTB. This is NOT a sponsored video. Justin bought these with his own money no OTB incentives were given. Listen to what they have to say and watch as they compare tightening the chain the old fashion way and the OTB way.

new Gen2 Chain Adjuster install video by Hard Racing

Are they worth it ?

The new 2018 Chain adjusters are now available for the Grom and Z125 and even better. Improvements include more adjustment marks on front and back of the axle and can now be completely disassembled by removing 2 bolts. So if you need to service them or make them your own color, you can do it. Those 2 bolts are big heavy M8 stainless steel so strength is no issue at all. These new chain adjusters are easy to adjust by turning one bolt for precise alignment and built to stay in place so you don't have to worry about them falling out. Get rid of that little bolt sticking out of the back or your swing arm and upgrade to OTB.