The OTB VooDoo intake lowers the temperature of your motor and redirects the air around your motor for more efficient cooling. This is done by an isolator that separates heat transference between the intake and the motor and a back plate on the VooDoo engineered to redirect airflow.

Please see the thermal pictures below that show how this separation of heat provides for cooler air into your motor. Indian owners who have tried the VooDoo intake have noticed their motor cooler with less heat on their feet and legs. 

The OTB VooDoo Patented dry air filter and design allows for much higher air flow for better performance and throttle response. This allows the motor to breath better for any rider but really shines for those seeking to get the most out of their powerhouse. 

Follow this link to see what the pros are doing with the VooDoo. 

33.9° COOLER

140.9° COOLER