Patented Filter

Our VooDoo Air Intake does what no other performance air cleaner does. It increases air flow while also increasing filtration, reduces air intake temperature and reduces motor temperature. The back of our VooDoo air Intake was designed to change air flow around the #2 cylinder to keep it cooler and stop the blast of hot air blowing out the right side that Indians are so well known for. Better air flow, better filtration, and a cooler running motor don't just give you more horse power they can help to make your motor last longer.

Our Patented filter technology is a dry media. No oil, no mess. Cleaning is simple with warm soapy water and filters down to unheard of sub micron levels while still allowing more air flow than the competition. It is designed to last the life of your motor and be easy to take care of. The durable seal on the front and back have a double lip to further prevent particles from entering your motor and doing damage. While filter down to less than a micron in size? Studies show it is those particles that pass by the piston rings and get into the motor oil.


Now available for the  111  and  116  Big Bore

Take a look at our other pages to see more options like available colors, customer reviews, and more data on this amazing product. Its not just another performance air cleaner, it works well enough to be used on the 116 Big Bore. In fact the harder you push it the better it performs. Under a load or over 3,000 RPMs the VooDoo significantly increases air flow.