NOTE: Some Race Version Triple Clamps are still available. Our Race Version Triple Clamp is one pound lighter than stock and uses M10 bar riser hardware. Standard bar risers will not fit the Race Version. The bar riser locations are located about one half inch forward from the stock location on any of our Triple Clamps prior to 2017.

Our new Triple Clamp for the Honda Grom was all about making something with a top notch design that would set it apart from anything else out there. That is exactly what it is. We incorporated advanced 3D modeling strategies and complex high speed machining to achieve this outstanding design. And all that while keeping the price the same as last year.

  • Standard Bar Locations
  • ​Standard Bar Riser Hole size
  • Compatible with Steering Stabilizers
  • Easy Replacement from stock
  • MSRP $145.99

Our Products have been proven on the Race track season after season.

05-2017 - Only 10 available from this first batch. These 10 have been serialized in the order they were made and include a few other touches like extra contrast machining that really sets them off. Call your dealer to claim yours.

Take a look at our installation PDF to see how EASY it is to install a new triple clamp. (last years model shown but installation is the same)