Where do you buy our VIP Intake? Contact Steady Garage. They have been selling them regularly.


If you want serious performance this is the first thing you should buy. The OTB Velocity Intake Plate (VIP) is designed to give maximum laminar airflow. Turbulence is minimized as air is taken from a large surface area and guided smoothly into the intake tube and down to the throttle body. This intake is designed to run fast and is intended only as a racing upgrade for the Kawasaki Z125. It significantly increases power and acceleration from 5000 RPM on up. The new intake from OTB bolts directly to the OEM airbox. Just remove the front cover and inner filter and replace it with the OTB intake. This can be done in as little as 15 minutes. That means you can literally bolt on performance and go ride in as little as 15 minutes.

There are two filters available. Green filers down to 2 microns. Red is higher air flow and is what is commonly used on dirt bikes. The filters come pre cut and pre oiled with the amount of oil needed for maximum performance and filtration. Replacement or cleaning is easily done by removing the front cover that holds it in place. You can easily switch from the superior filtration of the green filter to the high flow red filter to go race.

ATTENTION: The VIP intake allows significantly more air into the motor and will cause the motor to run very lean if the fuel is not corrected to match the performance of the intake. 

​MSRP is $169.95

​Color - Clear Anodized​​

OTB  VIP​  Velocity Intake Plate

OTB  VIP​  Velocity Intake Plate

OTB  VIP​  Velocity Intake Plate

Here are the details from the Dyno Test using the Stock air box and the VIP intake with the Green and the Red filters. These are real numbers not the lowest stock number and the best VIP number so it looks better. Keep in mind that these tests are not at speed. We are working on recording live numbers at speed which is what this ram style intake was designed for. The higher air pressure will improve performance even more with the VIP. We will focus on the Red air filter here. The Green filter showed a mild performance increase on the Dyno while the bike was not moving but the red showed huge gains while the bike was still stationary. But don't let that green line on the chart fool you. Watch our video on this page. Brock was 2.5 seconds faster per lap with the green filter. While these performance gains are substantial, If you know how to read between the lines you know these numbers show you can get  even more performance using the VIP with other performance mods.

Top speed was reached 1.1 seconds FASTER than stock

Horse Power was increased by .64 HP

Torque is increased by .41 ft. lbs

What does that mean to the Z125? If you took this same percentage of increase and put it on a ZX10 with 196 HP the VIP intake would take it up to 209 HP. Torque would go from 88 ft. lbs to 94 ft. lbs. These are huge performance gains and they can be had by simply bolting on the VIP. This intake will get you to speed faster and hold speed better up hills and in a head wind. Have you watched our video on this page? The VIP  took our test bike from performing okay on the track to needing suspension and brake upgrades to handle the performance increase. And that was with the Green Filter. If you want serious performance this is the first thing you should buy. Give your bike enough airflow to maximize anything else you want to do with it.